Business model

Insightful information about how the Futugo business model.
Futugo is developing a business model based on the use of e-commerce for borderless shopping and the core values of new wave digitalization, tech innovation, and a personalized new generation shopping experience. Futugo offers a multifunctional platform built using blockchain solutions for product authentication, NFT certificates for every luxury item in order to improve its traceability and make luxury shopping sustainable. We seek to tailor to the individual needs of every user by integrating virtual fitting rooms, 3D product view, livestream shopping events, live broadcasts from designers’ fashion shows. Futugo is also a freelancing platform for personal stylists, shoppers, and art agents as they can find clients from all over the world. By developing a social token reward system, we encourage Futugo users to remain active in our social network.
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Blockchain technology

We create a sustainable luxury shopping method that improves second-market performance and eliminates all possible human errors, that might occur in the luxury items verification process. Using Futugo, a buyer can purchase 100% authentic items from luxury fashion brands, fine art, cosmetics and NFT certificates for each item. This way we support the second-life market performance, by using those digital passes to prove the item’s authentication. All our items are registered in a blockchain solution, which offers a sustainable way to improve the traceability of luxury items.


Futugo app is a multifunctional app for fashion and art that doesn’t stock any inventory. We selected the “Ship straight from the boutiques” business model. We can assure all our customers that the goods are 100% authentic because we are working and shipping those goods straight from the verified boutiques. We are working only with legit partners in Europe and Japan. All our items are authentic & original and they are being shipped straight from the boutiques so there is no risk of accidentally purchasing the fake item. Also, all our items have NFT certificates, meaning that once you buy an item, you will get a forever-lasting code that will prove the item’s authenticity. In Futugo app you will be able to find high-end fashion brands, fine art, sculptures, cosmetics, beauty products, designers’ digital clothes and NFT art.

Personal assistant service

Our platforms will connect users with stylists, personal art agents and personal shoppers. Stylists will provide online consultations, help our clients choose the right items from the e-shop, style them or create an outfit for a special occasion. Personal art agents will consult our clients with art and design-related questions, show art pieces, possible designs and suitable artists or even be an online guide in physical art galleries. Shopping assistants will help in getting rare and authentic items or will find and buy desired items directly from designers who sell their goods only in physical stores.

Social network exclusively for fashion lovers

During our research, we have noticed that there are a lot of forums in different social networks that were dedicated to fashion, a lot of hashtags, or profiles, but there is no dedicated social network for that. Also, there is no freelancing platform for specialists from this industry. Meaning that personal stylists or art agents need to spend their time searching for clients everywhere, which is not efficient at all. Not to mention how important this industry is, how much different news media are dedicated to it, but still no unification. Futugo App – a social network and a marketplace, which unifies different brands, designers, news channels, the newest technologies, specialists, fans, celebrities, and everyone who are into fashion and art. We will have three different pages: Feed page – for luxury fashion and art-related content, pictures, videos, live broadcasts and connecting with other users, Discussion page – an open forum where users can share, ask, and talk about fashion-related topics, comment on subforums or create a new one for the topic that is interesting for them and News page – where we will post the newest fashion and art-related information, articles and interviews gathered from different sources daily.

Revenue structure

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Expenses structure

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