Futugo is going to be the world's first and biggest community for fashion and art.
We have a vision to create the biggest luxury fashion network available worldwide. We are creating an e-commerce platform (web 2.0), digital marketplace in the metaverse (web 3.0) and social network designed exclusively for luxury lovers. It is a modern marketplace for luxury physical goods and digital assets, built by using blockchain solutions for product authentication, traceability and sustainable shopping. A platform where users can not only shop but also learn, connect, discuss and interact with others.
Futugo app - luxury fashion, beauty art & NFT
Those who love luxury, usually love art, the platform will provide the possibility to purchase art, sculptures and more – luxury cosmetics. All your luxury life experience in one luxury supermarket place at home, office or any place in the world to door delivery. Zero inventory, boutiques don‘t need eCommerce, live streaming of boutiques goods, personal shoppers campaign for exact boutiques, Chinese speaking stylist service for exact boutiques, news feed for each boutique, social community forums. We are building a trustworthy e-ecosystem.
The project aims to transform how people consume fine art and luxury fashion going forward into the tech revolution of web 3.0. It aspires to establish the new standard of purchasing luxury items, digital NFT art, and experiencing fashion events in the metaverse. The multifunctional platform will provide a trustworthy ecosystem where retailers, fashion experts, and enthusiasts can come together to enjoy the best of what the luxury fashion, digital art, and beauty industry has to offer.
The Futugo app will feature an e-commerce platform for physical goods, a fully-fledged social network, 3D stores, live events, digital NFT fashion and art items, exclusive offers, and personal assistants to guide users through the multifaceted digital fashion paradise. Users will easily be able to connect with stylists, shoppers, and art agents who will personally consult them to make the shopping experience completely tailored to one's needs. Beyond that, Futugo will provide a space to interact, discuss forthcoming trends, check on the latest fashion news, and bond with fashion lovers from all around the world.
A glance on Futugo App
The network will bridge the gap between e-commerce as all know it and a forward-thinking web 3.0 implementation based on blockchain technology which will allow users to collect NFT art and digital luxury fashion collections. The latter technology is certainly gaining a lot of traction in the media lately. That is due to its groundbreaking approach to data verification, making it practically impossible to falsify information of any kind. In the context of Futugo, it will enable to make the traceability of digital luxury items immaculate.
Above all, the platform will make use of the vast technological possibilities that the metaverse opens. Users will be able to roam through 3D stores of their beloved brands, try on digital and physical clothes in virtual fitting rooms, present their avatars, and come together in virtual live events such as designer shows, art exhibitions, and product launches.
Users will also have the opportunity to become a part of the Futugo movement by purchasing Futugo crypto tokens. Beyond supporting the platform, these will guarantee holders exclusive sales, limited offers, priority purchasing rights, and entrance to special events.